August 28, 2011

Frogs and Progress

Well, it feels like we have some headway.  The poor house was not just vandalized.  It was grossly neglected over the years.  Everything is half done.  No fixtures have pipe tape.  Nothing had a second coat of paint.  Nothing was prepped before painting.  The hole in the roof was from a blown off vent cover from a storm from 10 years ago and instead of spending 20$ to replace and seal the vent, they spent about 50$ in tarps and TONS of time nailing and stapling them in place.

The house is cleared of debree, but still needs work.  It took 5 hours to clean the bathtub, but the walls are being repaired and the toilet is out.  Next step in there is paint.  We hired a crew to scrap all of the junk metal in the yard and clear all the brush.  They did half the job and then took off, leaving the rest.  (Bunch of crooks.)  But at least you can see the yard.

All of the locks have been changed and the replacement glass for the windows are on order.  The AC is leaking like a sieve and it turns out that it is what took down the roof in one of the bedrooms.  The AC guys will be out this week to look at it.  The neighbors say it has been leaking for years.  The initial estimates are at about 4-5000 to fix.

Have had questions about the pool.  We got it all drained and the grime and trash out.  Here is what it looked like when the water level was lowered.  We where pulling stuff out as it was exposed so there is about twice as much stuff in there. (Opps.  This was taken using Ps Camera and he is not here.  Will add photo later.)

Most of the paint came off with a power washer.  The black on the deck is more  like a roofing tar and will have to be taken off with some stripper (Klean-Strip Premium Sprayable Stripper.)  It took the big spots off, but the stuff is truly an ethel-methel-kill-you-quick.  Follow the directions to the letter.

The pool had most of the water drained and then it rained.  At least it's cleaner.  Now if I can just figure out how to get the pump working to drain the rest of it...

All of the pipes are busted and the pump is missing.  Maybe there is a way to attach a pump to one of the pipes to drain???

Put a gallon of bleach in the water and a couple of chlorine tabs.  Now the biggest problem is the frogs.  They love chlorine water.  Not sure what to do.  Think they also love the acoustics the empty pool makes as it is a frog party every night.  Am not one to deprive someone of fun, but would love to get some sleep. It is amazing the amount of noise one little frog can make.  Here is last nights 1am collection.

Now one of the dogs has taken it upon herself to personally rescue all of the frogs.  She keeps trying to pick them up (even with the nasty taste and the foaming at the mouth) and bringing them out to let them go in the grass to let them go.  Very cute, but seriously, it has to stop.

Another issue.  P was recalled to work for an emergency and will be gone for the next two weeks.  Let's hope he gets back soon.  Would like to say something more has been done after a whole week here, but that is about it.

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