August 23, 2011

The Cleanup

We made it here and the cleanup has started.  We were able to get five bags of teach and a box load of broken glass out for when the regular trash truck came.  There is still four more bags and a bucket load of glass. 

We made a plied for free stuff by the side of the road for items that are too big and have to go to the dump.  A couple of guys came by and ask if we has scrap metal they could recycle.  P laughed and said come on back.  They where able to haul away all the loose re-bar and wheelbarrels asa well a some old tires and rims.  They where happy because they got stuff to recycle for free.  We are happy just to get rid of it. 

Then came the best of all.  They asked if there was any more and P pointed to the lawnmower in the pool and said that if they could get it out without damaging the pool they could have it.  They where tickled.  The pulled it out if the pool and away it went. 

The guy are bringing a crew in today to clear cut the yard.  Things are going so far so good. 

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