August 20, 2011

On the way.

The documents have been signed and the money has been paid.  The house and all that is there is now ours.  Its amazing the feeling in the pit of you stomach when your have to sign that check.  Not sure if its a good yippee we just bought a house feeling, or a dang, that did we just get ourselves into feeling.  Either way, what is done is done and its time to move forward.

It took all day to pack the truck.  The hardest part was to make a place for the pups to ride safely.  We ended up using a rope to tie the ladder in place to hold everything out of the way so the pups have room yo turn around and lay down.  They love to drive and are excited.

Now its time to hit the road.  Should be there to finally see the place in a few days.  Then the fun begin

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