September 13, 2011


Am realizing that it is a lot harder to work and keep a log than I thought that so here is a quick update while waiting at the hardware store.

The hall bathroom is mostly done except for some grout work and a light.  But at least we now have a clean bathroom and shower to work with. 

The two smaller bedrooms are almost done and now we can use one to sleep in and one for supplies.

That master bedroom is about 3/4 of the way done and the master bath demolition is done and are in the midst of painting.  The we can do the reassembly.

All of the windows have been replaced and all of the holes in the walls and ceiling have been patched.

The kitchen demo has started.  Half of cabinets have been removed.  The plan is to raise up the opening from the living room into the kitchen to bring in more light.  Open up the back wall to be able to see into the dining room.   Replace the cook top and oven with a standard stove and replace the dishwasher.

We are going to have to find someone to come in to handle the pool and the fence and the yard.  Just for the sake of time.  Lets cross our fingers in that one.  Will be getting bids over the next few days.

That's all for now but will be doing more detailed recaps when there is more time to sit in front of a computer. 

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